We work with several home builders in the Grand Rapids and the surrounding area, who use us as part of their final cleanup package in a new home and remodel projects. They have us come in after all the contractors have packed up and headed out. We clean all the dust, dirt and debris out of your air ducts, so you have clean air to breathe before you even move into your new space. If your builder doesn’t offer this service or you did some home remodeling yourself, please give us a call and we will set up an appointment with you to get your air ducts back in pristine condition.

Healthy System Maintenance

When you have your air ducts cleaned in your home or business, it improves the efficiency and dependability of your HVAC system, as well as circulating clean air into your environment. Your health can be put at risk if you don’t address the presence of dirt, dust, and other microbial agents that are circulating in the air. HVAC efficiency is improved with an air duct system cleaning and it also increases energy savings, reduces fire hazards, and prolongs the life of your mechanical systems. The air quality of your home or business is positively affected when you have your air ducts cleaned. 


AAA Professional Air Duct Cleaning Services in the Grand Rapids and surrounding area provides affordable, lasting air duct cleaning. Our services can vastly improve the quality of the room air in your home or business. Poor indoor air quality has been conclusively linked to increased allergy symptoms and decreased cleanliness at home, as well as absenteeism, lower work productivity, low tenancy, workers comp claims and compliance penalties in the workplace.

When you get your air ducts cleaned in your home or business, you save on energy bills and maintenance, there are less allergy and respiratory issues, and you breathe better quality air. Your small investment in air duct cleaning can bring a huge change to your home or business. 

Upon completion of your duct cleaning, we are able to offer sanitation and deodorizing if needed. Depending on the system type and size we can give you a quote upon inspection.

Professional Air Duct Cleaning is always ready to help you improve the indoor air quality, increase HVAC efficiency, and reduce the operating costs of your home or business. We are here to help.

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I was Super Happy and Impressed with how diligent and efficient this company was! So friendly and informative on how to better my home. I feel For the work they did the price was very fair! Thank you for great serve!

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