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Furnace filters


High-Efficiency Furnace Filters - high-quality pleated filters. We can custom make any size filters for your furnace. We suggest buying a box of filters to keep next to your furnace so you can change your furnace filter monthly to keep if operating at optimized efficiency.

The important factor in air quality improvement is to make sure that all the air that goes through the Furnace/Air conditioning unit is filtered.  It's critical to understand that indoor air quality is manageable with a small amount of effort. Just like most things, maintenance is key and by staying on top of your air filter you can greatly reduce the number of unseen particles in the air in your home.

Professional air duct cleaning

Our homes and businesses are often sealed tightly in order to conserve energy however, as a result, several pollutants maintain residence inside your home. Each time your heating and cooling fan cycles, it circulates this air throughout your home.  Mold, pollens, Fungi, dust particles and other undesirables permeate virtually all indoor air.

Air filters keep the air conditioning coil on the system clean. By replacing the furnace filters with a high-efficiency filter your HVAC will run more efficiently.

We are able to keep you stocked up with the necessary filters to make the job of changing them even easier.  Let us know when we see you for a duct cleaning if you would like help keeping the proper filter inventory on hand for easy accessibility.

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